A small breeder of a fine line of ridgebacks


About Us

Derrick and Kate live just north of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island on a small acreage. We have both loved dogs our whole lives. Kate's parents were breeders of Cocker Spaniels and Derrick's family bred Pomeranians.

We bought our first dog in 2000 together, and Leon our first chihuahua is still with us. Otis came along 5 years later, our second Chi. In 2008 Kate was on a trip with some friends in New York when she met her first Ridgeback in Central Park, she fell in love with the breed instantly.

Jeta, (lazybones) in Swahili found her way into our home in January of 2009. She came from Koda Ridgebacks (Alice Caplinger) in Colorado Springs, CO. She solidified our love of the breed. Jeta is one of the most amazing ridgebacks we have ever met. Her confidence, patience and extremely high intelligence is the backbone of our pack. Although Jeta's conformation is excellent she turned out to be quite small for a ridgeback so we chose not to have her a part of a breeding program as we firmly believe in adhering to the CKC and AKC breed standards.

From there we wanted our pack to grow. Alice did not have any litters available so we started doing our research and found David and Helen Hayek, HPK Tropaco of Escondido, CA. Helen and David have been breeding ridgebacks for over 25 years and have been an invaluable resource and friend to us in our venture to preserve and progress the breed. They entrusted us with Sal, who has a bomb proof temperment, in February of 2010. She hit the show circuit running and finished her Championship in style with a 5pt major at Canada's largest dog show. It's a good thing Sal has great movement and structure as she took the brunt of teaching Derrick how to handle in the show ring.

Then came Boone. He is all boy and loves to show off. Boone was a slow grower but great genetics prevailed and everything has landed in the right spot. Boone has a rockstar pedigree and it shows. Boone won winners dog at his very first show at 6 months old. He won puppy sweeps at the Rose City Classic in Oregon. As an adult, he continues to be awarded recognition on a consistent basis.

Jespah, Burley, Isoke, Walter and Sunshine are pups that we are pround to say have been born at our kennel and will be responsible for our next generations of dogs.

Kate and Derrick do not have children as our dogs are our family first and foremost. We have chosen to take on the immense responsiblity of breeding our dogs so others can enjoy this amazing breed now and 50 years from now. Preserving and progressing the breed has been a tradition for hundreds of years and we welcome the responsibilty of preserving the traits of the Rhodesian Ridgeback.