A small breeder of a fine line of Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Luxe Breeding Program


In a nutshell there is only one reason dogs should be bred...to progress the breed. All breeds of dogs have specific characteristics which defines their nature. It is a breeders duty to protect those characteristics in conjunction with striving to eliminate genetics disorders and unwanted traits. Money should NEVER be the objective in breeding, because if you are doing it right there is no money to be made. We feel we are stewards of the rhodesian ridgebacks so generations from now the breed can still be used for its intended purposes of companion, guardian and hunter.

Health Testing

All dogs have breed specific health disorders. Generally the Rhodesian Ridgeback is a very healthy breed. However, we too have disorders that require health testing prior to breeding. In the Ridgeback it is common practice for a responsible breeder to health test for; Thyroid, Cardiac, Hip Displaysia, Elbow Displaysia, and Eye Disorders (CERF). Only in recent years has the genetic disorder of Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) become common for breeders to test. Dermoid sinus a part of our breed but cannot be tested for prior to breeding. Check out the links on the About Ridgebacks page for more information on our breed specific disorders. Responsible breeders will post results for everyone to see on the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. To be posted you must meet the requirements laid out by the foundation.


Early Neurological Stimulation

The US military developed a method of improving performance in the canine program. This program was called "Bio Sensor" which later became known as the "Super Dog" program. We have incorporated this method into our breeding program to help produce sound and capable Ridgebacks. We take this one step further with early socialization done at age appropriate times here at our kennel, and our future homes will be instructed on how to continue this mindful socialization for the critical times in their dog's life.


What to expect with our Ridgebacks

You can expect that we have done our utmost diligence in producing a healthy, well tempermented ridgeback. You can expect us to be there for support when questions arise and be a wealth of information from us and our ridgeback community. Our puppies with come with an information package regarding diet, stages of development and health requirements. The puppies will have their first set of shots and vet checked. Our pups will come with either a "pet" contract or a "show" contract depending on the dog and the individual home. Please do not expect to be able to choose your own puppy. The puppies will be assessed and we will do our very best with placing the best matches together. Not all puppies are great for every home. Just like people, ridgebacks have different personalities and tendancies. We do not want to place a strong working line with some who is looking for a laid back dog. And vise versa, we do not want to place a mellow puppy with someone looking for a performance dog. We want to give our pups and puppy homes the greatest opportunity for success!