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A small breeder of a fine line of Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Who We Are

Derrick and Kate live just north of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island on a small acreage. We have both loved dogs our whole lives.


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Our Breeding Program

All breeds of dogs have specific characteristics which defines their nature. It is a breeders duty to protect those characteristics in conjunction with striving to eliminate genetics disorders and unwanted traits.

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Latest News At Luxe

2014 - May, Sal is has gone into heat and we expect a litter this summer.

2014 - Jespah has officially entered her show career. This big girl is giving some very nice boys in North America a run for their money. At just 15 months this gal recieved a Best of Breed in fine company. She received Enzo's outstanding movement and Sal's elegance.

2014 - Boone Dog consistently makes the cut and is well on his way to his Grand Championship. He has turned 3 and has come together as a beautiful boy.

2014- Sal enjoys her life as a princess along side her best bud Jeta.

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Stella is 2 years old on July 10, 2016. She is available to a ridgeback experienced home with no children. She will do best with another stable temperamentented dog around, one with a similar mid to high energy disposition that would enjoy her play and could show her the ropes.

The people in her lives should be retired or working from home. A large yard or ideally land, with opportunity to get off leash in a controlled and low stimulus environment. She does not need a busy family, she needs a regular companion(s) who is dog savvy, ridgeback savvy and is willing to work with her daily to overcome suspicions and worries. She needs a firm leader who knows the difference between when a dog needs discipline and when they need support. She moves between the 2 quickly.

Smart as a whip, cuddly and is a good couch buddy as well as exercise companion. She needs both. Very Sensitive and intuitive.

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