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A small breeder of a fine line of Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Who We Are

Derrick and Kate live just north of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island on a small acreage. We have both loved dogs our whole lives.


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Our Breeding Program

Luxe Rhodesian Ridgebacks inception began on November 11th 2007 when fate caught up with Kate in Central Park New York when she met her first Ridgebacks. As fate would have it, that was the exact same day our first Ridgeback was being born elsewhere in the country unbeknownst to us.

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Latest News At Luxe

2014 - May, Sal is has gone into heat and we expect a litter this summer.

2014 - Jespah has officially entered her show career. This big girl is giving some very nice boys in North America a run for their money. At just 15 months this gal recieved a Best of Breed in fine company. She inherited Enzo's outstanding movement and Sal's elegance.

2014 - Boone Dog consistently makes the cut and is well on his way to his Grand Championship. He has turned 3 and has come together as a beautiful boy.

2014- Sal enjoys her life as a princess along side her best bud Jeta.

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Everyone is healthy and happy at home!